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I wondered where you were taking us with this, but your skilful use of procrastination built the tension and earthed it beautifully in that cemetery in Bethany. Well done.
You've chosen a most interesting way to deal with this topic,talking of what must have seemed like Jesus' procrastination - a very clever idea,and you have done very well. Just one 'red ink' comment - you seem to shift between speaking to Jesus as 'you' and speaking of him as 'He' which I found a little confusing.But, well done with this.
Congratulations, dear Friend, on first place for this magnificent poem. It gave me chills to read and find the meaning.
Margaret, this poem is simply beautiful and such a skillful way to use the topic. Another masterpiece, well deserving of the top spot. Congratulations!
Congratulations on your 1st place ranking!
Congratulations on your well-deserved win.
Such a creative entry for the topic! I love your use of contrast--the beauty of the setting against the depth of grief. You had me guessing where your descriptions were leading. This is a beautiful poem. Congratulations on first place!
Congratulations Margaret. Your pace had me hooked from start to finish :)
Congratulations Margaret! A very well-deserved first place! (And, I've re-read it a couple of times and can see that my previous red ink comment is unwarranted.) It's a beautiful poem.
Congratulations :-) Very much deserved win. Excellent work
Congratulations :-) Very much deserved win. Excellent work
Oh my goodness! This is such a poignantly powerful piece. I loved the ebb and flow, if that makes any senseI'm not a poetyet almost sinfully envy your ability. Congratulation on your obvious first place EC. It truly is the best of this batch.
Just a note to thank you so much for all your encouraging comments on 'Understanding Delay' (note the reinstatement of the missing 'r' in the title!!)
As well as saying thank you, my reason for commenting is to 'right' two more errors made in the hurried placement of this entry -

'Call unto Me
(and did we not so?
should read
'Call unto Me
(and did we not do so?

And the very last line, rather altering the emphasis and being more Bibically correct, should of course be

Call unto me and I will answer and
show you much more than you can understand
(not 'that')

Thank you for bearing with me!

Congratulations, Margaret, on your well deserved 1st place EC award.

Your 1st two stanzas gave me goosebumps; they were so descriptive and real. I've added your poem to my favorites.
Simply stunning how you wove this story into a magnificent piece of poetry.
"As well as saying thank you, my reason for commenting is to 'right' two more errors made in the hurried placement of this entry -"

Only the author would recognize the errors. I didn't. :-) Brilliant and masterful!