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Oh, this is a pearler. On first reading I failed to take in the detail, but when I read the line about returning the bell in its original packaging I howled with laughter. Only on re-reading did I note how procrastination oozed from start to end. I think this is a very cleverly written entry indeed. And thanks for the belly laugh.
This was a fun read. I was pretty sure from the outset that it had the ring of truth to it, despite the liberties you took.
Do you suppose Danielle meant bell-y laugh? :D
Well, a-chord-ing to my lofty thoughts, this is a Britissue, and I foundrydress to the suppliers most liberty-ating. However, it seems the outcome warrenty-even worth the ding-dong it caused!
My favorite line, "If it were merely a lamp-shade, we could easily turn it around and conceal this fault..." All the procrastinations in this add to its hilarity! :) This has all the bells and whistles of a good entry. I'm clapper-ing loudly.
This is hilarious. I can tell you that I have already repeated this story to several people, so that should tell you how excellent it is.

Very creative and clever--and witty. Great job!
Great job, oh clever one!
Well, you've package-in a lot of detail and I bell-ieve you've cracked a winner, but I won't make a ding about it. Congratulaions!
Congratulations, Noel! Reading the comments is almost as much pun as reading the story. :)
Bravo! Too bad I didn't have you for a history teacher back in high school. I might have actually made the gradeit's quite exhilarating to learn something new while grinning like a cat on the nip in Cheshire England. Fine writing, entertaining and one I will remember. Laughter is good for many ailments, like solidifying facts in the memory.
Someone should have done a humorous piece on the topic of "congratulations," because I forgot to do so. Congrats on the well earned EC!
Noel, I cracked up reading this tale of travesty told in such a terrific manner.

My soul pealed with joy. This story rang true on so many levels.

Congratulations on your EC win and lifting my spirit.

Congrats Noel.
Well done.
God Bless~
Congratulations on your EC Noel. You've successfully taken a true slice of history and embellished it into a great story, and of course, it's very funny!
Congratulations, Noel, on winning the 4th place EC award this week.

I couldn't believe this was based on a true story. I peeled with laughter after reading your story.

Your clever title was one of my favorite parts of your even more ingenious, fictionalized- nonfiction entry.