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I truly hope I'm an odd ball because the topic in this entry is elusive to me. Regardless, you've written a story that is breathtakingly exquisite and beautiful. This is by far one of my favorite entries I've ever had the privilege of reading. Teach me to write like you, Yoda. :D
Beautiful allegory! I expect to see this at the top.
Awesome writing. I could feel the pathos, pain, and struggle. Ordinary words become extraordinary from the pen of a creative wordsmith.
No question, this is extraordinary!
This is beautiful. I have not a drop of red ink.
Outstanding writing. Congratulations on your EC win. Well deserved.
Congratulations on your win! You deserve every bit of accolade, this piece was so moving. Happy dancing with you!
Congratulations Tracy on 3rd place Editor's Choice. A job well done. Your writing is very descriptive, and eerie came across loud and clear. Way to go!
More congratulations...this time for 2nd place in Masters. Happy dancing!
You drained my emotions. Excellent writing. I love this: "Even in running, I long for His touch".
Congratulations, Tracy, on your 3rd place EC! I'm so glad my expectations came to fruition. You inspired my entry for this week. Thank you!
Wow, now that is quality writing. I feel a little lost for words, but I CAN say this was very poetic, well written, the story compelling and impacting. Quite beautiful and very honest. I'm saving this one so I can read it again sometime. Thanks for sharing.
I know this is supposed to be for comments only but I need to let readers know this is fiction. While the feelings certainly reflect mine at different times, what happened in the story is complete fiction. I neglected to say that when I entered it. I'm sorry for any confusion. I guess I'm out of practice! Lol! :)
Your crafted a masterpiece, easy to identify with. Well done and congratulations on your EC placing.