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Oooh, creepy!!! This certainly had me freaking out. A well written peice that I'll try forget. Great job.
Try 'to' forget even.
This is a great reminder not to give a foothold to the devil. Nice job keeping the eerie tension tight to the end.
Seriously eerie! I like how the supernatural conflict is eased but isn't resolved by the eerie ending. Outstanding entry!
Congratulations on your well deserved win Sherry. Great writing and a great message.
Thank you for all the sweet comments. I debated about whether or not to disclose that this story is based on actual events. With the exception of the pastor visit and the therapy session those eerie incidents were a very real part of my childhood. Mom and I decided on our own to leave the occult and turn to Jesus, a decision I will never regret.
Whoa! Congratulations on your first place. It is very eerie.
ObiWan, looks like it is I who need to learn from YOU! Congratulations on a very well deserved win! :)
Congratulations on your well deserved win! I read your comment, too, and it's so awesome to hear how you got out of that. God bless!
Congratulations, Sherry! I am so glad that you escaped to Christ!
Oh, wow! So VERY deserving of first place EC - and the fact that this is based on actual events? MORE wow. Absolutely excellent writing, my friend!
Whoa, that's freaky. Very eerie indeed, and to know that it really happened... even more scary. Yikes!
Well written, and good to hear the outcome. Hope nothing bad happened with your brother!
Congratulations on an EC1. Great telling. I noticed that there was an advertisement for a 'ghost writer' in the emails.I think you would qualify with honours.
I am glad you told us it was based on true events.
I noticed with great interest the incident about what some call 'those harmless children's stories that greatly stimulate reading' all in a row on the floor.
I agree. It is very real and can be eerie. You definitely chose right to go with Jesus!
This would make a great first chapter in a novella for new believers about the supernatural battle we all participate in.

Congratulations on your EC win.