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I certainly hope you have good news. We've been going through Lymphoma with our 24 year old son. Cancer is not for the weak, that's for sure. Trusting God is the only answer. Our son didn't get the right diagnosis for a year from one of the very best hospitals. Good thing we can cling to God! <3
Congratulations, Al, on placing #1 in the EC awards this week. I don't recall seeing your name before. Are you a returning writer?

It was really miraculous to find two unrelated cancers both at stage one. Your story is inspirational, and I hope they eradicate both cancers quickly.

My brother had Barrett's, but it went away on its own. He still had the surgery and has remained healthy.

My prayers go up to you and your family.

So glad you won first place, Al. May this be a sign of God's good and gracious intentions towards you for many years to come.

Hard to comprehend or even imagine. This is TRUST - all caps. I pray that His perfect work is accomplished in and through you and that you are completely healed. And...awesome writing!
Congratulations, Al, on your well-deserved 1st place EC. You are very brave to have written on such a personal and difficult subject and you have done it really well, with no sugar-coating, with moving realism, and yet expressing your hope through God. May God bless and heal you.
Al, I'm so glad for you that the topic was 'Trust' at just the right time for you to take up God's opportunity to share your journey of trusting Him with many through Faithwriters. You've written about it so well and it's clear you live out your trust in God even better!
Great descriptions. Thank you for sharing.
You gave us an astounding testimony of trust in the midst of trials. Thank you for the inspiration and congratulations on your first place EC and level win over 125 entries. Well done!
For those who asked, the esophagectomy was done Aug. 12th and exceeded the surgeon's expectations.

And for anyone keeping score, they found a third stage-one cancer in my stomach, unrelated to the other two, and removed it during the operation. So I am possibly cancer free at this writing.

I am home recovering, tolerating eating fairly well and the pain is gradually declining.

The time away, the hiatus from the normal, even the drugs have given me huge insights into the human condition that I feel will knit seamlessly into everything I do going forward.

Will there be a final revelation as to God's plan in all of this? I don't know, but I am still trusting.