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Being overwhelmed with difficulties of life came through in this piece. It seemed to follow the natural progression from being overcome by it, to turning away from it, then finding a sanctuary, and finally wishing for the good old days. Thanks for sharing what we all feel at times.
You captured something special in this entry. Our world is in distress and we can be overcome by it.

Just as Jesus often moved away from the push of His world, you showed us how to enjoy the world from His point of view.

Thank you. Great writing.
What a wonderful read! A beautiful reminderwhen the woes of this world overwhelm us, we need to retreat to a place that reminds us God, creator of all, is still in control and we can trust Him. And he does indeed offer a kaleidoscope of reminders that He is still in control, if we but focus our sight and heart beyond the darkness of this world. Great job on this!
Congratulations, Laury, on your 1st place EC award.

I felt anxiety at first, but then seemed to calm in the peaceful sounds of the night sky you wrote about.
Absolutely wonderful in every way. <3
Congrats! I really liked this one.
Wow! Congratulations!
I love the imagery, how you let us join you playing outside in the summer evening.
Thanks for the fun.
Congratulations, Laury, on your win. It is very much deserved for this beautiful piece of writing. I was drawn into the scene and along with the MC's emotions and memories in a lovely way. Thank you.
Love this piece. A deep heart experience... nostalgia plus reality of the times we live in wrapped up in a hammock. I was there enjoying the sun and the fire flies too. Blessings on you.
Congratulations, Laury! You do a nice job of shifting from emotional overload to peace in this vivid vignette.
I believe everyone reading your article can relate to it. It is also well written and holds the attention of the reader from start to finish.
The combination of poem and narrative was a brilliant way to showcase your lovely piece.
Beautiful Laury! I was right there with you, instantly healed from the worries of the world, with my leg swinging off the hammock too!
It is the type of childhood I would want my children to experience but they may not have the chance. Good reminder to turn off the phone and focus on what is in front of you. Life is so fleeting. Great job on the descriptions!
Congratulations, Laura, for this wonderful poem! I love it on so many levels.
Beautifully written story with a wonderful message. Congratulations on winning the Quarterly Writing Challenge.
Congratulations on winning the Quarterly challenge, Laury.

I love the imagery. I can read it over and over and envision something different each time.
Laury, I love this! The beautiful pictures you painted with your words... wow. I like the format and the crafting... okay, every thing about it. :)