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I enjoyed the beginning. I could feel the conflicts right off, enjoying the internal one the most as I can relate to that myself. The MC reminded me a bit too much like myself, yet I still loved her, even in her imperfect state (boy can I relate).

Some parts seemed confusing to me like I'd called sooner than most (how would she know that?) but then that was explained with RSVP cards, but then if the MC received the cards, why would she call her reservation in? Wouldn't she wait until all were in? Also the grandchildren were following in their parents footsteps, yet son wasn't coming. (I realize there were likely other siblings, but tiny things like that can interrupt the flow for fuss budgets like me. ;) Near the end, the analogy became clear, but little things like this made me stumble before I got the metaphor.

You definitely covered the topic. Your MC was a good character that I liked. My favorite part was your subtle sense of humor. This made the story a delightful read. I found myself grinning and chuckling. You did a great job of capturing the different roles in a family from the funny uncle to the stick in the muds to the faithful and so on. I enjoyed this read with a big smile on my face. I think the analogy was great. I often wonder some of those things myself. My favorite part was about picking out the outfit, even though it would change immediately. That was quite clever. The Bible verse was perfect.
The idea of this is brilliant, I did not expect the ending! I personally read this as the whole reunion, the whole story, ending up being about the “heavenly” one. So therefore I was confused about the RSVP cards, if it was “the heavenly” family reunion, wouldn’t it be Jesus and no one on earth who knew for sure who would be there or not? I understand offering personal invitations to accept Christ (and many are refused) but still, we as humans, do not actually know who will be there in the end. But that aside I absolutely loved, loved, loved this! The waiting on this “particular” family reunion with bated breath, the changing of the garment, the pondering of what each will look like then, will we know those that lived before us, etc, hints and ideas that just fit so perfectly! Even the husband saying “Don’t let them steal your joy!” as it truly pains us Christians so much to think of those who may not be in Heaven! Just an absolutely wonderful read and awesome idea for the topic!