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I loved this updated parable! I saw as realistic, for this day and age, the Judges lack of caring for real justice, tired of the failed system. But I also giggled at the Judges desperate need for peace from the widows unending pleas and irritating song! *Fun view of the scripture verse* Well done!
I especially liked the line "sole needed...peace."
Congratulations Noel on 6th place Editor's Choice! Woo Hoo for you!
I enjoyed this. You did a marvelous job of bringing that verse to life in modern ways so people get it better. I also liked your pun at the end. Your stories always make me smile. Congratulations on your EC. Happy Dance!
A strong message and a humorous way of putting it across. A most enjoyable read. Well done on your EC placing.
Congratulations, Noel, on winning 6th place in the EC awards this week.

With your uncanny wit, you've retold a parable I didn't recall ever reading. My favorite line was: The mother of stupidity is always pregnant.
Congratulations on placing in EC
for a fascinating read. I'm still chuckling over the mother of stupidity's pregnancy!
Congratulations, Noel, on your EC place. What a different take on the parable of the widow and the judge, and on this topic!
You possess the uncanny knack of eliciting the biggest grin in anticipation of your next tale. Again not disappointed at the creative and whimsical way you tell your story.