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Responding via the Brick-throwing thread- You certainly brought to light the frustrations of having to drive on the other side of the road, but you did it in a way that was not overly negative or complaining. You also did a great job walking the fine line between expressing your frustration while traveling in a different country and not offending readers from that country. I wonder if the story might work better without the first paragraph, though, as I couldnt find where it connected to the rest of the story. It seemed to set me up to look for an Oh, no! moment for what had been left behind :)
What a delightful odyssey. I say delightful because of all the giggles it provided me.

I especially enjoyed this scenario:
Indiana was so flat you could see your dog run away for three days. You had me howling!

Great job. Very visually engaging.
This could be a monologue opening for an entertainment show. Intricate writing detail, very interesting and different approach to the topic.

Interesting. I just visited S. Africa where I encountered steering wheels on opposite side. I struggled to get the north angle, but I guess U.S. is north in relation to Australia.
I laughed at your vivid descriptions on driving on the "wrong side of the road". I live in Michigan in the southwestern part of the state; I hope you saw some of the lakes and beautiful countryside.
Having driven a few times on "the wrong side", but in the US and continental Europe, I appreciated your imaginative descriptions the challenges we face. I think it was very well written.

I agree with the earlier comment that the first paragraph doesn't really add anything.

The only other jarring moment was the mention of the song from Oklahoma - to me it didn't flow, and I didn't get the connection beyond 'elephant's eye'. But that might just be me.

Certainly worth trying as an intro on stage! Thanks for making me smile.
Congratulations/ Noel, on your EC award. I was wondering if this was your writing.
Congrats Noel!

Ah, thought that might be you. Congratulations, Noel!
Congrats on your EC place, Noel, from another upside-down and on-the-loft-side driver. It certainly takes a lot of concentration to drive on the 'wrong'side of the road. Well written.
I meant left-side not loft-side!
Congratulations on EC. I thoroughly enjoyed riding along with you on th RIGHT side of the road! ; )
Congratulations on 7th Place EC :)
Somehow brought to mind the narrow versus the wide path and the ease with which I automatically traverse the common 'wide' road rather than walk the narrow path intentionally with my Lord.