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Aww, sweet! Does this story have a sequel? It could, you know. I just talked with a friend who could have been your MC. At 61, she met and a year later married, just such a guy. I love to get flowers, so the romance blessed me as I read and wondered how you'd end the story. Nicely done.
Great word imagery! Only complaint is you left me wanting more of the story...

Wing His Words
Aaah the dreaded typo - a "strangle" look on their faces yet - or was this just a "choke" among friends???
But seriously, this is a great read, with a terrific build-up to an end that we are left to imagine.
I can only hope that your stalker was not a serial type - on a "frequent flower" program ;-)
though flowers and stalks do have a clear connection. That's enough with the puns, maybe I should just back-petal out of here....
OH! I want more, more, more! Beautifully written and expressed. What an ending! Such a great story.

I have been single for 30 years now, so I know about the match making friends. The closest I ever came to a stalker was a note left on my car. He turned out to be a life long friend, though. To this day we talk on the phone. Sent by God, He is a Christian.

Loved this story!
Congratulations on ranking 8th in Masters and 13 overall. Happy Dance!
Sorry 12 overall! Happy Dance!