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An enjoyable read. It carried along at a good pace and kept my attention. The conversation was sharp and stayed on focus. Maybe a little work with characterization imho, wish I knew more about the animal balloon, kool aid and advice giver. But you described the birthday boy right on. Very good and entertaining. Nice job!
An enjoyable read with a clever ending. I don't know if kids drink much Kool-Aid these days; I think they drink more soda pop or sports drink.
I enjoyed this and Brandon's personality rang true, including wanting to see the effect of the sugarless Kool-Aid on his friends. A little 'red ink' - I doubt that 7th graders would be doing those types of things at a party. Perhaps you could lower Brandon's age a bit. But, a good story.
I really enjoyed your story. Such a great message that we are all different and it's okay to be quiet and enjoy your own company. I loved the description of what the kids were doing at the party. Well written indeed.
Love the title! Great job with the topic, well done.

Congrats Joe!
Well done,
Congratulations, Joe, on your 1st place EC award. Your characters were well developed.
Oh this is pure delight. I love the dialog and the characters. The last line was the best and gave me a great chuckle to start my day. Congratulations! Happy Dance!
Congratulations Joe! A well earned first place win!

Well done! This was a very enjoyable story and I love the dialogue. Your delivery was very smooth and it was interesting to the end.

Great job!
Joe, Congratulations on your 1st place win in the EC. The last line of the piece was my favorite.
Entertaining look at what I assume you designed to be a retro look at what a 12 year old's party might have been like 25 or so years ago.
Those darn kids keep getting older younger.
My soon to be 8 year old grand daughter is almost over all the kind of fun which I still might embarrassingly enjoy on a good day. Bounce house oh yeah!
Good story with a fabulous ending. I liked Brandon's innocent revenge.
Congratulations on your 1st place win.
Joe, I loved this story. It had good humor and kept me wondering what would happen next at the party. It also had a touch of sadness for the little boy and then ended with humor. I thought the kool-aid without sugar was a clever way to end it. Congratulations on winning First Place!