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This is well written, the only thing I might change, if it was me, is the opening section. It is not very clear what the time-setting is. This may be on purpose, but, for me, it ended up being distracting from the story as I spent too much time trying to figure it out until it became apparent that it was modern day.

The writing is solid, you convey well the building tension within the MC as he begins to realize what this is really about. Your title did give away your ending a bit, but you announce, anyway, what happened right after you introduce the concept of missing people, so no harm there, really.

You also do a good job of showing us who the other characters are through their dialogue and your MC's reactions, and the best part of your story is you show us a very authentic-feeling picture of racism without the grand monologue so many are tempted to resort to. You tell us what happened and let us feel the horror.

Overall it was a great job!
This was written superbly.. I enjoyed the flow of using dialogue to tell the story.. The final quotation the judge used was the perfect ending for the topic under consideration.
Great job with the topic, I enjoyed it.

You drew me in, my friend. Great characterization and use of dialogue especially. Glad to see you back :)
Congratulations, Bill, on your well deserved 4th place EC award. The characters were memorable and well developed.
Congratualtions, Bill, on your EC place. It is well deserved for this story. I liked the way the quote at the end connected with the story.
Congratulations on your E.C., Bill.

Wonderful to see you on Faithwriters again. I still value the encouragement you gave me regarding my writing a few years ago.
Well done and a clever use of character names to reflect some of the key players involved in the racial dramas of our country.