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What a great story. Superb characterization and super smooth delivery. It's like you teach writing or something. I loved the interaction with ladies before and during the social. This is top notch and what I have missed. Excellent! The read was time very well spent!
I very much enjoyed this story and its hilarious humor. You've done well with this and I won't be surprised if this is one of the winners.
Wow! This was just excellent all the way through. Your characterizations, the subtle and not-so-subtle humor woven throughout, and the way you conveyed so much with some of tightest writing I've ever read, make this a clear winner in my mind.

Great, great job!
It's funny how life can turn one friend into something new while the other is changed only by the circumstances.

Interesting and amusing at once.

Nicely done.

I loved your characters and the subtle humor you interjected throughout the piece.

I could totally identify with the clown face. I went to a makeup party and ended up looking like I belonged at a circus.

Delightful read.
This was an amusing read and so well crafted...adding to my favorites and wouldn't be surprised if it's chosen as a winner! Congrats!
Eleanor and Gertie were delightful older ladies. I enjoyed the humor and creativeness of this story.

I think you meant: "I look like [a] clown."
Congrats Leola!
Well done,
Congratulations, Leola, on you 2nd place EC award. It didn't surprise me that your story was in the top five. You have such a gift of storytelling and developing memorable characters.

I've marked it in my favorites, so I can review how to write better dialogue.
Congratulations Leola! A well deserved 2nd place EC!
Well done and entertaining. Your characters had that sense of reality which makes a story believable.
Congratulations on your EC 2nd place.