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Now that was an interesting read. A little preachy at times, but then you had to make your point and support your message. It's a tough balance. The sweetness of the Bakery owner was very genuine and you communicated her belief very honestly. I liked the voice of the story. It was very calming, even when the events got a little heated. The story read very well. I can tell you have written much before as you demonstrated a skill of wordsmithing. Very, very good entry.
You've tackled a controversial topic in this story and written about it very well. An interesting take on the topic which I enjoyed reading.
I really enjoyed this. It's the way I feel. Instead of driving people away with our holiness, the MC may have loved them into the kingdom. If not, she certainly gave them a small taste of Jesus' love.
I like the message here and the characters were believable and authentic. The dialogue came across a little preachy and, at time a little unrealistic (every gay person I've ever known has bristled at the notion that their lifestyle is sinful).

There are also a few times where you change from past-tense to present-tense abruptly (at least one time in the same sentence). For example, about mid-way through you wrote this: "I smile hoping I had made them feel more comfortable."

If you wrote instead "I smiled, hoping I had made them feel more comfortable" or "I smile, hoping I have made them feel more comfortable", it works.

It seems minor, I know, but those types of things can throw some of us right out of your story and into the reality of the rules of grammar. At that point you've lost us as readers.

All of that aside, your story is a very real parable about how we, as Christians, are commanded by Christ to treat others. It's also ripped straight from the pages of reality as there was an actual case like this in Colorado a few years ago, and I remember thinking at the time that the arguments were all about the legality of baker refusing to service the couple, and nobody talked about how his stance wasn't very "Christ-like".

You did a very good job of bringing this situation to life in a way that I think is a great example of how we all should deal with folks whose beliefs don't match our own.

Thanks for sharing it with us!
Your piece is very current with today's world, and you did good job with the topic.

Well done.

Congratulations on ranking 13 overall! Happy Dance!