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Smear tactics in such a riveting story. Your 'show don't tell' placed me in the setting and as one who has been involved in past nursing home ministries, the sense of offensive odors was heightened. The ending was a high five!

Wing His Words
Wow! You nailed the topic with this piece. I felt the MC's growing stress as I read. I've been in those situations, and it is very uncomfortable. While terribly sad it's based on a true story, the ending brought a satisfying conclusion. Nicely done.
I remember those offensive odours well, and have met a few Mrs Larsons over the years, so I could sense the authenticity in this well written piece. Great job for the topic!
Marvelous. You couldn't have ended it better.
Spot on topic and what a story! I am finding it hard to believe they actually let that woman work there!

This had me from hello and kept me on the edge of my seat throughout. Well written and related. I am wondering if the MC took the job?

Another fine piece that I will remember. All of your writings stay with me. Excellent work here! Best of luck. This should be a winner.
I can't believe this is a true story. I don't know if I would take the job or not, but I think I know where the problem lie.

Well written.

Comma needed between the two adjectives.

Very atmospheric work. I was also holding my nose, but then I was holding my breath as the tension built.
I must confess to having a slight chuckle when i met your elderly receptionist, who reminded me of an old guy in a nursing home in the last town where I was pastoring. He always sat in the reception area, from where he could call out the security code to assist any visitors who were struggling to remember it. Not that he ever used the code, he knew he was looked after too well by all the staff!
Great story.
You pulled me in right away. I love a good stinking story and this one certainly reeked. How sad that it's based on real life. I think you did an exquisite job!
This piece had me riveted until the very end.

The story seemed like it was ripped out of the pages of a gossip magazine.

The offending person got their just deserts at the end.

You nailed the topic.

Congratulations on well-Written story.