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How could you pack so many details: symptoms, care, frustration, heartache and hope within the word limit - unless you have travelled through it? But "long experience produces short sentences," so thanks for opening your heart to show what pain is like from the inside - for the sufferer and for the parent.
I hope this rates well - it deserves to.
Thank you for sharing this powerful story with us, and praise God for His hand of grace, guidance and love in bringing you through this...

Congratulations to Tommy and mum for continuing through the maze of medical diagnosis and treatments until they found the answer. You packed so much information into this piece.

Well done.
This tears at my heart. I know what it's like to go to the doctor's and hope something is wrong so it can be fixed. It's so hard for the loved ones as well. You captured this cycle and the answer of giving it to God perfectly.
My favorite thing about this piece is its unique voice. It reports on Tommy's behavioral changes as if from a distance, but not with journalistic impartiality. I'm not sure that there's even a word for this style, but it really appealed to me. I found your quick pacing to be very effective, also--almost like a quick slideshow of Tommy's life.
Congratulations on ranking 11th overall. Happy Dance!
It's odd how God can so easily become an afterthought. The turning point in this story really turns it around, at just the right part of the story. Well done.