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Wow, love it! So true! I heard a sermon last year that covered this issue and this just clarifies it even more. Thank you for being bold enough to write it!
I like the way you can't really tell the time period in the beginning, but it's revealed about halfway through. I guess it being a letter makes relates it to the topic, but maybe it could have been more?
Clever, charming and inspiring! What more could you want from an article? Though, I'm not sure how it will sit with the 'mail' chauvinists;) and I doubt the legalists will think this follows the ' letter' of the law :-)

I hope this places well! I certainly give it high marks👏
Nicely done letter, a sermon without having to directly preach.
For me, this is what you excell at. You clarify verses of scripture by presenting them in a way that anyone can understand. Years ago I broke the mould when I attended a church where all the women wore hats. Most were not allowed (by the men) to have their hair cut short, and they definitely remained silent during a service. I was a 17 year old non-Christian newbie and I really couldn't get my head around it, (not the hat!) I think this entry will rate well for the Mail topic.
Well, my hair is not long enough to sit on yet, nor is it thick enough to veil me. My hubby covers me with his loving beingness, so there should be no quarrels amongst the angels. I preach to women and if men get blessed by my adventures in Christ - hallelujah. This is a momentous article, and although I don't foresee a female Pope . . .

I digress - great article!
I liked the creative take on Paul's letter to Timothy. Your entry was well thought out.
Congratulations on ranking 12th overall. Happy Dance!