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An unique take on "mail" and a good one, at that!
Uniquely creative take on the topic and so poignantly on point in delivering truth to the reader. Perfectly enjoyable read for a bible nerd like me.

I would not apologize to Mr. Bunyan. I'm certain he feels honored. The piece is also reminiscent of Hannah Hurnard's work. She is my favorite allegorical author. Please continue this course of writing because you do have a knack for it. I'm hoping to see a full allegorical novel from you in the future. Please! Go for it. I will purchase the first copy ☺. Kudos on reeling me in.
Congratulations on your creative take on the topic, and for your provocative use of allegory. (Though is it possible that your MC might find the mail less of a retardant than having to do all that walking - with Bunyans on his feet?)
"Teachable's Terrain" has all the great earmarks of "Pilgrim's Progress." Wonderful allegory and great distinctive take on the subject. Could not find any red ink here - very well done.
Loved every bit of this. May we all be "Teachable." Awesome ending.
I found great wisdom in this allegory. You have a gift of story telling.
John Bunyan would be honored by your compelling piece. I cried when I finished Pilgrim's Progress because it ended much too fast. Can I count on you to continue our journeys? I love your writings and your heart . . .
Zach, Touching and moving allegory. A unique take on the topic mail.
Congrats on placing in the EC.
Congratulations, Zach, on your 2nd place EC award! Masterfully told story.
Congrats Zach! I love your stories . . .
Well done Zac. Terrific allegory and descriptions, with a well-deserved placing.
I've never read Pilgrim's Progress, but if it's anywhere near as good as this, I want to! Your allegory made think of Hinds Feet on High Places, which I recently read and fell in love with. That said, your message is convicting, and the visual of crawling on the path in humility, like our Savior, will stay with me forever.
WOW! And congratulations! It's all been said. You are a master indeed. More, more and still more, please.
Excellent story! Congratulations on your win. It's well deserved!
I don't think any apology is needed for this stunning piece of work. Thoroughly enjoyed its many nuances!
This piece certainly leaves me wanting to read earlier and later chapters. This chunk is very dramatic. You have an extra comma, though, after "but" at the beginning of the third paragraph. It might not be as noticeable in a longer paragraph.