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Made me chuckle. Poor Wanda. Good writing. God bless.
I like what you did with the topic. Like the last commenter, "poor Wanda." I like how it ended, though. My endings tends to ... not be realistic. I would've been tempted to allude to a love story at the end. I'm working on it.

God bless!
Wanda was definitely relentless...a little too much so. I didn't see the ending coming - I think you did well by not "resolving" the issue, and by ending less predictably. Nicely done.
Awww, you cruel beastie! You brought tears of sympathy to my eyes for the poor ugly duckling. I'm grieving for her with the stark realisation that even the Hunchback of Notre Dame would turn and run. However, I enjoyed the build up immensly and was so expecting Wanda to turn into a beautiful swan, so there was also an erm, 'interesting' twist to your story? HaHa!
Poor Wanda! I loved, best of all,
the ending!
Wanda, Wanda, Wanda... Poor Wanda! As bad as I felt for her, I couldn't help but find humor in her 19-year-old perspective :-) strange how someone's plight can be so humorous, isn't it?

Great job, Noel!
Your story was funny but also had serious undertones. With the bully culture and the pressure on young girls today, I could see this being used as a conversation starter for a teens' small group.

Awww! Poor Wanda! I wanda how you could finish with such a sad ending! I enjoyed the humour, at Wanda's expense. At 19, on the shelf - yes, this could be a conversation starter for young girls. I enjoyed the glasses you invented for her, boy-focal lenses!Maybe she need mall-tee focals for her trips to the malls.
oh dear, poor girl...I was hoping for a happy ending waaa.
I don't know how I missed this. I really thought that I had read all of them in this level. I love your sense of humor. As always, I smiled throughout and seriously laughed at the end! Congratulations on ranking 25 overall. Happy Dance.