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A very creative interpretation of this miracle. I can tell this wasn't put together in a few hours!Well done.
This is a very creative use of the topic, and the title drew me in immediately!
I had more fun reading this than you probably had rewriting Scripture. Fractured and fun! Thanks!
Your poem was clever and original.
I also added a couple of words to my vocabulary.
So many interesting words to rhyme with delicious. And the title is great!

As I always do with your writing, I read this with a great big grin on my face and just a bit of head shaking. :)
I could be wrong, but methinks this is a portrait of your personality and in that context, this is brilliance on display!!!!!! Everything was great, the irreverent lack of cadence, the (almost) rhyme scheme, and abundance of plays on words.

Bravo and encore:)
I enjoyed every stanza! Your humor and sophisticated rhyme brought this to life. Great work from the title to the end note. :) I think your poetic license will be renewed.
You have quite a way with words, especially rhyming. Your title is just as creative as the article.

I learned a few new words (had to look them up in the dictionary) so thanks for teaching this pup new tricks.

Nice job.
So deliciously creative!
You are most clever! Well done!
What a fun read, and I imagine, even more fun to write! Like others here, I bagged a few new words.
You and your rhymes are deliciously crackers! But they don't arf mek me chuckle.
Well done, as always!

Congratulations on ranking 11th overall. Happy Dance!