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I was wondering what you were! LOL. Nicely done.
You did a nice job of concealing the MC's identity until the end.
What confused me at the end, though, was whether the woman had dropped her purse on the ice, or just flicked the bed bug off of it on to the ice? And bed bugs are small enough that I'm not sure her husband could have seen/identified it on the ground/ice. (Please forgive me over-thinking the details...)
A fun take on the topic.
oh, that's too funny. Love that twist. Well done.

itch itch.

God Bless.
So many unique out of the box entries this week, and yours is one of the many...I loved this.
I never thought I'd feel sorry for a bed bug being squished, but you managed to elicit feelings for a bug in me! LOL.

God bless~
Clever ending for the mystery traveler. I'm glad I wasn't sitting next to the woman; it's one guest I wouldn't want to bring home with me.