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Thanks for allowing me to meet some of your family, Noel. A wonderful piece where you describe so well each child's personality and gift in life.

I liked your new word, "infanticipating". Clever.

Your comment at the end about asking God to show you what He likes about a person is wise and insightful. Thanks for sharing your revelation.
You have a "gift" and such a unique style my always, a sheer delight to read.

Thank you for sharing your words and heart with us in wit and whimsy, and in sentimental repose.

I loved the powerful close which really was thought provoking.

Well done!

God bless~
Thanks, Noel, for sharing about your family and the importance of respecting their differences. I particularly liked this insightful thought: "when people are being difficult, Im learning to ask God to show me why he likes them". I plan to try that out myself. Well written.
I play a game with my family every Sabbath. It is the delightful search for our favorite writer. You are so easy to find, and such a joy. Your family is blessed with you. Thank you for introducing them to us. Write about your beautiful bride who shares your zany adventures. I love this piece . . .
Well done, Noel!

This feels like a delightful trip down a once familiar road.

Expertly delivered, my friend:)

'infanticipating'... lol
Noel, I think this is one of the best written, most engaging inspirational/devotional articles I have ever read on FaithWriters. It had me smiling and chuckling frequently, yet brought the beautiful mmessage home so clearly. I hope this does well. (And no maudlon details... :D)
I enjoyed getting to know the uniqueness of each child. You paint well with words.

As if God actually has grandchildren????
This sentence doesn't seem to fit. I now get what you may be saying, that your kids are his grandchildren. But it has taken me a long time to finally make this connection.

Nice job!
Congratulations, Noel! Delighted to see this do so well.
Infanticipating - so very you. Congratulations young man!
Congratulations, Noel, on your fourth place EC award.

It was delightful meeting your family members, each given uniquely different gifts. I applaud you and your wife for acknowledging and developing their differences.
It was nice to meet your family. I loved that word 'infanticipating' too. Congratulations on the EC.
Congrats Noel! A well deserved EC place.
What a beautiful glimpse into your pastor heart. I appreciate the different ways you relate to each family member. This entry inspires me. Congrats on your Editor's Choice.
I really enjoyed this insightful look into the heart of a father enjoying the diversity of his children. Some very nice word pictures, too. Congrats on a well deserved EC win.
Congrats Noel!

God bless~
Hello Noel:

Congrats on your EC placement.

This is the first opportunity I've had to read your work, and it certainly is a delight. (chuckle)
I look forward to reading many more of your articles.


I'm sure many of the delightful attributes described are results of you and mum's lovely character.