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Pain has a purpose. I thought of the book by Philip Yancey, "Pain: the gift nobody wants."

I pray that God will strengthen you in the new year.
Wow! What a profound piece. It cuts right to the heart of compassion for the reader. So many people are living with chronic pain in our world, yet I am unaware of the depth of their suffering. My desire is for your entry to be read by the thousands who endure just such a day. For them, but also for those around them. All need to know there's hope. Thank you so much for sharing such a deeply personal piece. May God use it to reach the multitudes with His message.
Congratulations on personifying your experience and elevating to God's understanding and presence for you throughout its attempts to throw you into despair.
Great writing.
First of all, let me just start by saying my heart goes out to you...chronic pain is an absolute draining experience.

Having said that, thank you for sharing this touching, uplifting and powerful story with us. Your words of strength will light up someone's path that is also riddled with chronic pain, and your words and action be an inspiration for those in similar circumstances.

Yes, you can do all things through Christ that strengthens you!

Prayers and love go out to you....

GOd bless~
This is a view point with a difference and I thought it was very clever the way you unfolded the story. It came from the heart with a backdrop of so much pain and suffering, but with a sense of triumph through your faith in God, whatever the outcome of your physical healing. This is a great piece and will be an inspiration to others who suffer chronic pain. Hope it rates well.
Thank you for sharing this. It is a great reminder of what some go through, and what we can do through Jesus.
Amen and amen! We can do all things through Him who gives us strength.
Thank you for sharing this creative, vivid portrayal of the conflict between discouragement and hope. I pray that hope reigns.
Oh, Shann, this was so touching. Thanks for sharing your heart in this piece.

May God bless and strengthen you and give you a wonderful year ahead - regardless of what lies ahead.

Trust God gives his healing touch and sweet relief from the constant pain.

Graphic and gripping - with such a needed message.
Thank you for expressing my desperation so well that I feel when sick and don't express.
Amen! This too shall pass.