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Nice. I could clearly picture Mrs. King. I can relate with her... not necessarily in that particular situation, but how many times do we want something only to get it and realize what we had before was a blessing?

God bless!
What a beautiful story. I'm glad she continued to be used where she was planted. I'm also glad she had such a wonderful reunion with her children.

It is sometimes difficult to see the blessings before us when our plans are different.
The best part of this is that it is based on a true experience! So glad you shared!

Wing His Words
You did an excellent job bringing your story/characters alive in this piece. I felt like a fly on the wall of this dear lady's room as I read. I loved the story! It's so amazing that when we take our hands off the desire, God intervenes and holds it out to us as a gift. Perhaps, in this case, the real gift was to be assured that she was wanted by her kids? Also, that her peace had come to her where she was in that facility, making it possible to see with open eyes what a wonderful home/family she had right where she was. Thanks so much for sharing this touching story.
This is beautiful and sad. My heart ached for the MC, yet her faith inspired me. You did an outstanding job of telling her story. This is great!
This was a touching story about a women who trusted God with her heart and soul.

The worker should be commended for such a caring and supportive nature.

t was not easy to stay in a nursing facility but this gentle soul brought grace and compassion to many patients where she lived.

This special women reminded me of my grandmother when she was in a nursing home. She touched many lives.

Thanks for sharing such a heartwarming story.
Love the warmth that pokes at us from every angle here.
I also like how you've embodied the scripture in your MC - the word becoming flesh - rather than reducing it to a verbal promise.
I also loved that twist in the tale...
Great job.
Thank you, Camile, for reminding us of God's critical counsel, to entrust all things to His capable hands. It is a reminder I know I need.
Really nice. I could visualize the setting and feel the emotion.
I loved this article. You captured the plight every person that lives in a nursing homr.