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Wow! I love, love, love this story. What a brilliant idea. With your permission, I'd love to pass it along to my son who is studying to be a minister. It really makes sense and spoke to my heart.

I had some tiny red ink in the beginning, before your story totally held me captive. The first few lines felt a bit awkward to me. I might edit it like this: Each week, the pastor pulled one slip out of the basket and read it as a teaser for next week's message. Slowly, over the year he had emptied it, but now only one question remained--mine.
It's not perfect, but I switched it around, tightened it, and turned it from a passive line to an active one.

I feel silly giving you any color ink because this is such a profound message. I hope you will consider finding the right magazine and have it published. Especially as Christmas nears, it's so easy to get caught up in gifts, good, bad, and perfect. Your last line reminded me at just the right time what I need to do to give the perfect gift. Totally loved this. I believe it's at the top of my all-time favorites.
I was at the edge of my seat waiting to see what the perfect gift was. This story is classic, and I also believe you should try to get it published. I am adding it to my favorites.
You drew me along throughout the story. Its excellent message came through clearly, without overdoing it. Nicely done.
This message will be with me for a long time.
I agree with the remarks you've already received. Wonderful story telling. Great message. Thanks for sharing.
Irish stew????
Then Irish stew in the name of the law!!!!
But seriously, very creative and insightful teaching flows through this story. Well done.
Just like Irish Stew, this message will stick with me. Very profound message.
I also loved this story! So powerful in vision and message! One of my favorites! Surely this is a winner!
Congratulations on this well-deserved EC. So glad to have had a couple of your excellent stories in the challenge this quarter, and hope for more in the year to come.
Congratulations, Jack, on winning your well deserved EC award. I do enjoy a good bowl of Irish stew.
Excellent story!
Congrats on your well deserved win!

God bless~
Congrats on your EC. Well deserved.
Congratulations! I knew this was a winner and so well deserved!
Congratulations on your win. Great work.
A classic. I was entranced throughout. Congratulations on your well-deserved win.
Please post your recipe for this tasty dish - and happiness for your terrific win!
Congratulations Gerald. It was a certainly was a well deserved win.
Well thought out and superbly written story which by the totality of its profound message seemed much longer.

Congratulations on your well deserved winning entry.