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The images that cropped up in my head with that title almost made me bypass reading it. LOL. But, it was a cute read.

Good job.

God bless~
The dialogue between Wrigley and the mom was well written; it sounds just like something a young boy would say.

Very cleverly written with a clear message.

I'm not entirely sure, but this story has Shann's flavoring added to it.
This was adorable read. Its snot as bad as it sounds. This story was remarkably tasty.
The conversation as well as the overall wording was so well done,it was as though I was there!
A very humorous and well written article. I enjoyed this one a lot.
Good characterising and dialogue that wrap around some interesting ideas in an enjoyable read.
Interesting title. ;)

I liked the tie-in with Wrigley's name. It seems like most of us hate our names at some point, and when other kids use it as an excuse to bully, it's worse. I thought that was a realistic situation to use in your article.

My red ink would be the dialogue. Some of it did seem a little preachy and unrealistic for a third-grader. I liked how you tied in the lesson with the stew, though. Maybe it could have been a little more indirect or Wrigley a little less cooperative. Kids tend to either look like they aren't listening and surprise you or not listen at all until they're proven wrong and the adult correct.

I think Wrigley relating tapioca to snot was right on. Kids have a knack for bringing anything inappropriate - related to bodily functions - up at the table. My family rarely gets through a meal when we have to remind at least one child to mind manners in that regard. :)

Good job on a sweet and interesting read.

God bless!
I KNEW this was you! I also love reading and writing "snot" stories, and you always deliver! I also appreciate your comments on all entrants, as I learn so much from you . . .
The title is why I read it in the first place. Sounds like something a kid might say. I loved it. :-)
A fun, enjoyable story for sure. Your characters are vivid and real, not just words.

God bless
I too almost bypassed this because of the title, I have a weak stomach and the visual the title brought had my stomach churning just reading the title, much less wondering if I was going to be grossed out! LOL But I liked the way the stew was used as a lesson tool and how the child's perception of the stew was changed.
Oh bless you Shann. How thoughtful of you to end the year with copious quantities of the delightful nasal gunk. I would like to believe you did it especially for me, but apparantly not as I've repeatedly told you I prefer the green variety, however I will get over it.

I have to agree with the above comments, your characterisation and dialogue were excellent and the storyline flowed beautifully. For the new year please could I request another Wrigley storyline, but this time with a touch of regurgitated gastric content, and if it's not too much trouble a leakage from the opposite end would be good. ;-)
Shann, Congratulations on your 12th place win overall! Happy Dance. I have saved many of the Wrigley's stories.
Congratulations, Shann.

I'm glad to see your story in the top 15.
When I saw the title I wondered if it would be about okra stew. Now that would truly be snot stew. I loved reading it. I LOL every time I think of the title.