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I'm glad Nora had a taste for the eternity that was coming.
I was so wrapped up in the gentle suspense of your story that I almost forgot what the topic was.
In my opinion, I think the ending might have been stronger if you had concluded with "I knew that she'd never be hungry again."
A delightful read.
Your well written article touched my heart. Thanks for sharing.
I love your gently sustained build-up, with credible dialogue that keeps hinting at euthanasia. Then to discover that it's not about youth in Asia but geriatrics in America!
Loved that twist at the end.
Well done.
This is a sweet story. The devotion of the nurse speaks volumes. Although I could see the ending, I admit I was surprised it was chicken, not lobster since she had to go to Maine to find it. ;) You did a nice job with this delightful story.
I was so engrossed in the story, I forgot the topic this week. It was a touching twist.
Like a stew this story had such a wonderful mix of things...sadness, sweetness, compassion, caring, mystery, etc and then topped off with a perfect ending! Loved it!
Congratulations! Happy Dance!
So happy to see this touching story in the EC list. Congratulations!
Thank you to all of my fellow writers for such kind comments and support.

I really appreciate YOU!

God bless~
Congrats CD. Well deserved EC
I'm so glad your story was an EC winner, C.D.

I look forward to your encouragement each week.
Congratulations on your well deserved win! Happy dance!
Congratulations on you EC award. You are such an encourager. Your comments are such a breath of fresh air to lighten my day.
Heyyyyy - EC!
Well done Camille. Great job.
Very moving story and just right on the suspense.

I love how the MC went out of her way to honor the elderly woman. It can be hard to find that kind of devotion these days, especially for the elderly.

God bless!
Such a heart echoes yours, lovely gal. Thanks for a true heart melt . . .
I loved this tender story. I figured she wanted lobster stew because of going to Maine to get it. My own dear mother loved spaghetti. She said she didn't want anything at all to eat that first evening she stayed at the hospice house...until she learned they had spaghetti on the menu. She grabbed on to me and said, "Take me to the spaghetti." She was only able to eat one bite; it turned out to be her last meal. Your story so reminded me of that humorous evening Mom "just wasn't hungry." I'm delighted that your article earned an E.C. It's a story others should read. Beautifully written, cami!
Beautiful and touching with an ending to beat all!