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Love the last line! Classic!

This kept my attention and touched on the subject in an overt and invert way.

Well done!

God Bless~
A very unpleasant man. I enjoyed your writing. You painted very strong images with your words.
I enjoyed your puns. They provided that desperately needed comedic relief. You painted the darkness brilliantly. I think many have been trapped by a fire-and-brimstone sermon. I definitely had deep sadness for the MC that he might never know the true light that Jesus uses to bathe his children. Great job and wonderful imagery.
I have since plucked my bushy eyebrows, shaved the unflattering facial hair, and am now a vision in loudly colorful caftans.

My pulpit is grace, upon which platform my heart yearns.
'But his male disciples looked even more threatening.' Now that ticked me to death as I thought the grim, bushy browed faces belonged to the ladies of the gloomy flock. And I trust you are not related to brother Stephen as the many vivid images you conjured up were brilliant. A most entertaining read in spite of the overabundantly joyous grim reaper and his merry flock.
The ending summed the story up nicely. I can smell something burning all the way through my computer.
Wow! This is masterful from beginning to end. I love the satirical touches throughout. (And this made me consider my own "methods.") Excellent writing from a master!
Getting to be a habit...LOL

Congrats Noel~
Noel, Congratulations on your well-deserved win in EC. You are simply masterful with words. The descriptions of the preacher's delivery is etched in my head. Even though he may be menancing to some, I believe he may have reached others for Christ. I was reading that is one of the most prevalent ways that people are deceived is believing there is no Hell. Although this is not my way of witnessing it is sometimes necessary to let someone know, I can Smell Something Burning.
Congratulations, Noel, on your well deserved EC award. I thought it was your writing from your powerful mastery of words.
Congratulations, Noel! You know how to pack those puns into every line - and still convey a serious thought with them.
Noel, Congratulations! God has blessed you with rich talent which you are using for His glory. What more can be said. I look forward to seeing more of your entries.