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Wow! This was wonderful :-) The voice was consistent throughout and the timely lesson, powerful:) great job!
Good job. Well written.
I loved this entry! A wonderful story and a lesson taught too. Impressive from beginning to end.
This is just brilliant. I loved the journey you took me on. I suspected where it was going, but still devoured every word and pictured each scene (especially her God-given assets were right there in my face.) quite vividly. You made me giggle several times. I have a feeling pretty much everyone can relate in one way or another!
Congratulations on your EC award, Leola.

I have to admit that I sometimes get set in my ways, too. I'm glad this woman saw the light.
Congratulations, Leola. This is something of which I know I need to be reminded.
Very well done, Leola. This held my attention and made me think (God knows I need that swift kick when it comes to judging these "young whippersnappers"). Congratulations on your placement--well deserved!
Congratulations, Leola, on your EC. I really enjoyed your story and its message. Like the MC I sometimes find myself 'tsk, tsking' at others' behaviour, and a bit of the 'grumpy old..' comes out. What a great reminder your story is of the importance of having a loving and non-judgmental attitude.Great writing!
Congratulations, Leola on your EC award. Excellent writing. It points out how easy it is to be judgmental of others before you get to know them.