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This was such a sweet story. Dreaming backwards - I like it. You did a wonderful job. I was a little stymied about how on topic it was.
A poignant story. It's so sad when our loved ones get "mixed up". But "Pa" knew exactly how to bring joy.
This is such a powerful story. I have a mixture of tears and goosebumps. I enjoyed the unique take on the topic. Her memories were a big mix, much like the gumbo. A little bit of one memory mixed in with another is a creative and fresh way to showcase the topic.

There were some punctuation problems that distracted me slightly. They weren't anything huge--a semicolon that didn't separate two independent clauses and some apostrophes that seemed out of place to my eyes.

I think you did a nice job of using the southern accents to bring your characters to life. You identified a conflict right off. Even if this was a true story, the MC's internal struggle about her aunt pulled me in. I loved the dialog used later and wish the opening paragraph had that same dialog and body language because it added so much to this story. The message is beautiful, and unfortunately, I fear there are way too many people who can relate to this dilemma, but I think it's important to have stories like this out there. It truly was a delightful read.
Congratulations on your EC award, Zach.

I'm glad you had time to write again. It's intesting that hoarding is actually a way of holding on to past memories. The MC had quite a mixture of those, and I am glad she had an understanding son who could draw those out of her.
I really enjoyed this story. I liked the mention of regional foods, the dialogue and the idea of 'dreaming backwards'. It was a sensitive and gentle tale. Congrats on your EC.