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What a wonderful story. This touched my heart so deeply. Thank you for a lovely interpretation of this week's theme.
It is unfortunate when we hold unto bitterness and unforgiveness. Even if the father accidently hit his daughter as she ran out behind his car, this is a tragedy.

I liked the way you incorporated this week's topic into the story.
So many times we don't listen to the other side of the story. So sad when we don't forgive and let it destroy our lives. Very well written story. I assume the husbands name is Jacob as it was never mentioned in the rest of the story?

God bless! LaVonne
This is a beautiful and somber reminder of the importance of listening and forgiveness. I love the way the multiple folds of the paper represent the individual instances of resentfulness and bitterness. Very creative take use of the topic.
The title so well fits this sad story of lost chances and a sad life because of bitterness--excellently written.
A bitter, closed mind is a powerful enemy; you have described it well. The closing offers a ray of sunlight. Well done.
Thank you for sharing a powerful message that reflects the unfortunate reality of so many life.

You make one think about how we perceive things where there is often a whole other truth to discover.

You kept me interested from beginning to end and it well worth the read.
Congratulations on ranking 18th overall! Happy Dance!