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You've cleverly drawn your characters, their emotions and their interaction; and I love your open-ended last line. This should rate well.
Touching and moving entry.
God bless~
You had me from beginning to end. Great job developing your characters. I loved the last line! Blessings.
I love this article which had my attention from the first to the last sentence. The pacing is good and the vivid wording drew me right into the nursing home. In addition, the story has a good message (one I really needed today...): if we want to feel better, let's focus on the blessings. Thank you and well done!
All your characters were likeable and believable, even grumpy Eddie. I like how you showed one enthusiastic life can have an impact on all those around them.
I LOVED this. Duane was a nice surprise and a great reminder that we should all thank Jesus more often even in hard situations. What a positive story.

All the best. :)
Love this story and the contrasting characters--especially since I work in a nursing home. We just had a resident leave who used to play guitar and lead the worship songs on Friday mornings. He wasn't as cheerful as Duane except when he sang to Jesus. He was great and sang from his heart. Your story was beautifully written.
I really enjoyed this! I loved your characters and how you showed the ways in which attitudes are so infectious. Great piece!
I was hooked from beginning to end and this story made me feel Happy Like Heaven.
Congratulations on your 2nd place EC award. I believe we can learn a lot from Duane and Eddie, namely thank you.

Thank you for sharing your story with us. An appreciative heart like Duanes was a joy to behold. I could identify with grumpy Eddie but his attitude did change when prompted by anothwr person.

Congratulations on your 2nd place EC.
Very sweet story. Your 'thank yous' are very contagious and have caught on quite quickly here at my house. Thanks for the blessing.
Duane personified the saying, "the only disability is a bad attitude." Good story, one we all need to be reminded of. Thanks for writing it, and congratulations on EC 2nd!