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I was drawn in from the first word and you held my interest throughout. Your ending I really loved. What I liked so much about your piece was the warm sense of fellowship that flowed through it. I hope this piece does well.
I enjoy cruising and found your story fascinating. I've attended a few unconventional Seder meals at the end of retreats so to learn how it's really done is very interesting. Nice job.
Very interesting, well-told story, Noel. There is much for Christians to learn from the Jewish faith. Your writing is informative. I like how you begin your story with the question queue on the cruise ship. Great job!
An interesting and informative account of your cruise ship experience, and Simon's summary of the evening was spot on. I wondered if that was a private comment or whether he had sparked a discussion with the other couples? Great job with this, and all the better as it's a true account.
This is wonderful to read Noel, thank you so much for sharing this experience. What a vivid reminder it is to be always open to listen and when possible to share the truth about Jesus, even when openints come from the most unexpected quarters. Thank you again.
Wonderful story--wonderful witness!
I know there is so much more to this story. I found this so fascinating and loved how you showed the way God works things. Although you're right about a ship being a moving hotel, I'm not positive you nailed the check in topic, but it didn't matter because your message is so profound. I love your sense of humor, but even more I love your sense of faith!
Oh and now that I know for sure who the author is, I'll add another bit of red ink I had double checked earlier this week. April first should be written out or just written as April 1 or the 1st of August if you feel the number works better.
But my previous comments stand. You really have a way with words and I know you and the Holy Spirit did some wonderful things on that cruise. God bless.
This is a very heart-warming story of ship-found friendship and sharing. A most enjoyable read.
Your "port of call" was uplifting and inspiring not only to the readers but to those in your path. Nicely done.

God bless~
This was a fascinating read for me. I have never been to a Seder supper during Passover so I was interested in learning more about the Jewish customs. I was glad the judges credited you for being on topic and you were in the EC category.
God bless~
Congratulations, Noel!

I've always wanted to take a cruise. What a terrific way to minister.
What a wonderful opportunity the Lord provided then and later! Great story. I liked that idea of your son 'We have a sequel'.
Congratulations, Noel, on your well deserved EC for this.
This had to be one of my favourites this week - it was great on so many levels. Congratulations on your EC!
I loved Simon's comment (especially his wording) "We believe all that, dont we Dad. But we have a sequel" You story progression and details put the reader there. I especially appreciated your description of the seder. I find them fascinating and so full of symbolism (as you explained)... and then I love the "sequel" that it points to. Congrats on your Editor's Choice. Nicely done!