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This is priceless well done.

Promise not to throw tomatoes, but flowers instead!

God bless~
I have to laugh our loud several times while reading this (which is no small feat, I often smile, but rarely LOL, so this entry accomplished that). My absolute favorite couplet is, "Food packs unlidded -- And their contents have slidded..." Your humor is off-the-charts. I completely enjoyed every word, line, and image here. ..and "slope" opera.. :) :)
Good gracious me,
I can barely see,
Through tears of laughter,
I think you get dafter!

Ne'er was ever,
A poet so clever,
To pen words nefarious,
And make them hilarious.

I have to accept,
That you are adept,
With words so delightful,
And truly insightful.

But the fun's just begun,
Because of your pun,
You've made a big blunder,
I've aimed right down under,
A tomato so squashy,
You'll need to get washy.

But at least I took it out of the can...

I may speak in rhythm and rhyme for the rest of the day. This was well done and I'd so much fun! (See what I mean?)
I loved the humour and the accuracy of your portrayal of a family vacation. Great take on the topic!
So funny:) I remember doing this to my parents, and now my kids do it to me:) That rhyming had to be challenging! Well done Noel!!!!
Too hysterical! Danielle said it best, answering your craziness with her own! You lift my spirits every time - thank you!
Your wit and charm displayed here, is so worthy of an EC. I'm sure the judges were laughing! :) Many congrats!
The honours list,
To the mill 'tis grist,
All poets beware,
Compete if you dare.

If you'd stood on your head,
The list would have read,
Oznoel takes first,
But you're last instead!

Congratulations on your 10th place award, Noel! You wouldn't get a rotten tomato from me. I enjoyed it immensely and didn't even ask, "Am I done yet?"
Congratulations, Noel. Of course it's funny, 'cause you wrote it. Most entertaining!