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Such a moving story. I felt like I was there on the scene!
Great phrase, model employee...

Wing His Words
Wonderful. What a heart wrenching story. A beautiful young woman becomes disfigured and the beauty is still there.

You have a way with showing God's ways and means that leaves the reader wanting to read more. I would love to know more about Emily and the little family she came to love and support.

Absolutely the best I have read. Thanks for this beautiful story!
Congratulations on your ranking!

You deserve recognition!

Wing His Words
Congratulations, my friend, on your HC for a well deserved win. Should have been higher, because this story is by far the best, but at least you got some recognition for this fine entry...I am so happy for you!
There were tears in my eyes as I read this story. This woman truly sacrificed for the family that had nothing. Her scars will be healed in heaven.
This is a super sweet story. It speaks volumes about how things are in this world and how wonderful they can be if we allow God to work his glory and love in our lives. The title caught my interest because my daughter is named Emily. She has a beautiful heart too. I think the only reason this didn't rank higher is because you kind of missed the theme of the topic. It's meant to be about vacations and tourists act in a rude way so they aren't necessarily ugly on the outside, but on the inside. I think it's a lovely story and definitely contains a beautiful message. It doesn't surprise me that your MC is beautiful on the inside because that's how you are--deeply connected with God and someone who loves and encourages others. Congratulations on ranking 15 overall! Happy Dance!
Thank you to all who congratulated and commented. I appreciate your words more than I can express.

I did kind of miss the theme I guess. I had used the "new customer" who was rude and abrupt as a segue into the MC. But, I guess it was so abstract in content it was missed. LOL.

But, thank you all for your words and encouragement.

God Bless you abundantly,
Congratulations on your HC, for you have expressed such a depth of feeling and clarity around your characters. Your last line was a zinger as well. Great job.
What a beautiful and touching story. A real message that outward beauty really is only skin deep. Real beauty is in the heart and soul.Congratulations and blessings
Thanks for this story CD. It thought it fit right in to the theme, but then again I like to write all my stories on the edge of the rules. LOL! (maybe that's why I dont win a lot of contests)
This story is inspiring me to write about some of my encounters with some other people that are misunderstood.
BTW, I was always taught never to begin a story with a question, if you can help it. Instead rewrite the question into an intriguing statement. Keep writing. You are good.