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What a delightful story! At first Wrigley had me, but the patience and the carefulness of the mother won me in the end! Beautifully rendered characters:)
This was truly a heartwarming story. Wrigley melted my heart. I liked how the MC got out the Bible and prayed about it before explaining anything. It is a common misperception that people or things morph into angels.
This delightful story and straightens out the confusion that many have about people becoming angels. The little girl is so real, I just want to squeeze her! And she has a wise mother. Good writing here.
A lovely story where you have dealt very gently and wisely with some angel issues, through the mother. Great writing!
No shortage of visceral detail in the beginning as you introduced us to Wrigley, and your profile of her mother earths us and lifts us as you lead us through a delightful exploration of pain and mystery through both of their eyes.
Snot wot I expected as I began to read but the boogers soon made up for it when smeared over mommy's shirt.

Where have you been hiding such delicacies from us? At least the pussycat could have sneezed or tiddled in the milk jug to compensate for our loss.

I can't imagine who the author is seeing as I haven't visited the brick throwing forum but I definitely like her article. It's unique for the topic and straightens out some misconceptions about who or what angels are/are not.

(And if you ever visit this side of the pond, your boogers will become bogies - coz we talk posh 'ere!)