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Oh my goodness, what a powerful entry. It pulled me in right away and I wondered where it was going. When I learned your entry was inspired due to a tragic event, it took my breath away.

I hope you share this with the grieving parents, if they're open to receiving it. I think it might bring a "light of hope and comfort" their way, during their horrific mourning.

You've outdone yourself with this piece. Well done my friend.

God bless~
This is beautiful. I've worked as a labor and delivery nurse and the pain of losing a baby in that way is unconceivable. This is a wonderful way to help the parents began to heal.
That little one will have all eternity to be loved by his Creator. You've used a captivating style in telling this heart-breaking and inspiring story. Nice work!
This is a very sweet and moving way of dealing with its very sad subject matter and, I'm sure, would have been a wonderful comfort to the parents going through their grief. A very thoughtful take on the topic.
This a powerful point of view on something so heartbreaking. I hope your friends will be able to find comfort through reading it.
It is never an easy topic. One I can personally understand but lovely to think that this child knew such special LOVE.
You had me guessing from your opening line! What a great answer to the riddle, who is friends with angels and never committed a sin? Clever and carefully put together:) good job
Oh my goodness, I have to agree with Camille - you have outshone yourself with this one.

I can't imagine the parents hearing anything more comforting than the words you've written about their baby. Heart-breaking though it is, it's also uplifting.

I think this piece will rate highly with the judges.
This is truly deep and beautiful!
I too was kept guessing for quite a time by this most amazing piece of beautiful writing and truth. I just love the title too. Many many congrats on this very well deserved EC.
Congratulations Noel. I am not at all surprised to see this entry up here where it belongs.
Congratulations, Noel!
I expected to see this entry in the Winner's Circle!

Wing His Words
This is a powerful and beautifully written entry. I know that your presence at the funeral and bathing the couple in God's love spoke more volumes to them then any words could have expressed at their time of grief.
Congratulations on your placement! I'm so pleased that this wonderful story placed. I had to check. :) Thanks for your PM, too. I hope to be writing again soon.