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I have a request regarding your humor - Keep it coming!

Glad to see you in the challenge again.

This was great.
A chainsaw for a chicken salad sandwich wrapper? Hilarious mental picture.
A deck chair on the wing? I'd like to read the ad that promotes that! Would it be cheaper or would you have to pay extra for all the duct tape you would need just to stay seated?
Bagonising... what can I say?!
This put a big smile on my face. God surely did have you in the palm of His hands. Thank you for sharing.
Love the integration of humor with the more serious aspects of the story. Well done.
Your opening paragraph is a great introduction to this humorous, inspirational essay. As a regular standby flyer, I've been tempted to ask for a seat on the wing. ) Your transitions could be a little smoother - I felt like I was starting and stopping several times - however I thoroughly enjoyed this "bagonizing" travelogue/devotion.
I love your humor, but even more your heart for God and for ministry so evident in your writing. I enjoyed your trip!
Congratulations, Noel!

Wing His Words
Congrats Noel.
Well done as always.
God bless~
What a fascinating chronology of events so carefully choreographed by the Master. Concerning the deck chair on the wing, I'm surprised that you declined. :) Congrats on your Editor's Choice award (once again).
Congratulations, Noel on this EC. Great weaving of the serious and humorous together. (Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, Oy, oy, oy!)
Still chuckling! Congratulations on your EC placing. (I am especially smiling at your word "bagonizing," for I've spent many anxious minutes at the baggage carousel, certain my luggage had gone to China. Now I know what to call those angst-filled moments.)
Congratulations on your EC award. I enjoyed your mix of humor and straightforward thinking. I never thought about a chair on the wing but it might be a new innovation some day some. Thanks for sharing your heart and great sense of humor with us all.