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This is excellent writing. Your poem is very good indeed and extremely moving. I felt with the couple as they struggled but held on to each other, their land, and God. That's tough country, that five-cow country. I enjoyed your footnote. We have some places like that, and some even worse, here in Australia. I think this poem will rate well.
What an interesting and powerful mix of melancholy and the deep joy that passes understanding this amazing poem evokes as it tells this couples story of faith and struggle. I was totally captivated by this masterfully written poem and I too would expect to see this in the winners circle.
I love this poem. It's creative and surprising? Did you surprise yourself when writing it? It's said that if "the poet doesn't surprise herself, there will be no surprise for the reader." Id say you must have surprised yourself. I also like the 3 lines that ryhme and the last line that doesn't in each stanza. I usually don't enjoy rhyming poems unless there's some surprise in them. You have some surprising rhyming words in some of the stanzas , too. Overall, this was a well written poem! Well done!
I have no clue about "stanzas" -- I just go by the heart, and this came from yours. Well done.

God bless~
I truly enjoyed the rhythm of this captivating story poem. I could almost hear the MC's low voice telling the story in a slow-paced manner. Always clinging to the love of his wife and God--and never straying from his faith--this made the story beautifully significant.
Expect to see this in the top ten!
You capture very well ranch life, rough and hard, with moments of real-to-life humor. Good job.

God bless~
I enjoyed the story in this well written poem about ranch life--so different than life here on the east coast.
Congratulations, Rachel, on your EC. I'm not at all surprised to see this amongst the ECs. A well deserved place.