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A great message told through this lovely poem. I like the way the visitor, who seemed to be a pompous person at first, changed his view so they saw "eye to eye". Great writing!
This was awesome! I was captivated by the visions and perspectives of blessings, as this poems wise message unfolded! Terrific job on this!
I like this and the message it conveys. We cannot judge others by our standards, nor do we need to understand why some people find such comfort and pleasure in living humbly, while others do not. Nicely done.
I laughed when you said in the brick- throwing " another attempt at poetry." Just as I suspected... anything you attempt in writing is going to be great... And it was. Well written poem, Anne. Very well written!
I never go into the "brick throwing" because I love to just read without bias...just my own personal proclivity...But, after reading this, I know who this is...and once again, you've written a lovely entry.

Well done!

God bless~
I enjoyed the "wood 'neath my tea" and sprinkled mentions of tea and wood. It brought out the "conversation" between the two speakers.
Love this! Many many congratulations on a well deserved place for this fantastic poem with a very very meaningful message. Just great.
Congrats Ann,
Another worthy win! Good for you.

God bless~
I love this poem! Finally had time to read it. So many beautiful verses and the ending was perfect. Congratulations!
Highest congratulations on this poem filled with images and a wonderful message. Happy EC!
Congratulations, Ann. A well-deserved win.
Well rendered, loved it the whole way through 'till the end. Blessings come in as many different ways as there are people who receive them. I liked this for so many different reasons. Thank you!