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I love it when angels show up and are seen.
Thank you for telling this story and telling it so well. I have heard of and read dozens of stories of how 'big fiery men' protected Christians in trouble and Israel during its wars. Some of these were told by atheists. Why it does not happen every time Christians are attacked, God only knows.
Excellent! Like in the Bible when Angels showed up many times to deliver the enemy into the hands of the righteous.

Thanks for sharing.

God bless~
Wowser! Congrats, Cori! I always loved your writing !
I am absolutely thrilled that the judges ranked this so high! Thank you all. Although this happened back in 1988, I will never forget the events of that day. They are etched into my memory.
Congratulations, Cori, on an EC for telling the story and for standing up for Jesus so bravely!
Congratulations Cori on your well deserved 1st place EC award!

I have never seen or been in the presence of an angel (that I am aware of). It is truly amazing that God protected you and the other missionaries in this way.

I don't think I have ever read any of your stories before, but I will now!
Congratulations, Cori, on a well-deserved win. I have heard other personal accounts of similar angelic interventions. Most--like yours--in a missions setting. What a great God we serve!
Congratulations! Amazing story about encountering angels, Cori. I held my breath as danger approached. I have been a witness to other [unseen]angel encounters but none as dramatic as this one. I'm glad everyone was safe.
Oh, my! Thank you for sharing this first-hand account of the reality of spiritual warfare. I'm glad this was recognized and awarded runner up to Best of the Best - Congratulations!!!
WOW! I need to alot more time to FW reading. Like others, I've read or heard of these miracles happening before, but to read this page from your life experience is proof to every reader that God watches over us at all times. That circle of praying believers changed many a life that day, I'm certain. Congratulations on both wins. You are a gifted writer.
What a great testimony. I was living in South Africa at that time,and also involved in mission,hearing other accounts of the Lord's intervention in situations. He can indeed send His angels ...