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I was not familiar with this martyr until I read this gripping account of her life. How powerful faith can be when we are faced with life-changing decisions. thankfully she made the right, yet painful one.
I enjoyed this story and its historical setting. How relevant to the happenings of today as we see more and more Christians martyred. The voice was most appreciated and authentic.
I thoroughly enjoyed reading this historical story. I had her of Perpetua, but had never read such a detailed account. Thanks for sharing.
My apologies: I had heard of Perpetua...(my typo)
Very powerful and credible piece. You brought the characters to life and the relationships between them. I can see a lot of thought and research in this and it's a very creative take on the topic. Well done!
"Gabinus' mouth sits bitter." Great line. I enjoyed this story that sits close to home these days. Thanks for writing it. Good luck in the Challenge!
Well written and interesting entry. Thank you.

God bless~
God bless~
Beautiful tribute to Perpetual. So well done. Congratulations!
*Perpetua.... drat auto-correct.
I had never heard of Perpetua of Carthage before your piece. You did a fantastic job with it.

I liked how you used the mother's POV. I still had tears in my tears several minutes after reading (and I don't cry at the drop of hat). :)

Thank you for such a wonderful article, and congratulations!
Oh Ellen, this is just amazing - I have only just read it for the first time and it tears the heart, especially because of its truth. You have written so beautifully, so graphically, spot on topic. Thankyou so much for this.
Thank you all for your encouraging comments. I feel that I need to mention that there is an element of fiction in this story although it is based on what really happened to Perpetua. Most is true but I've used quite a bit of poetic license to fill the gaps.