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Thanks for a graphic, fun read that romps all over the topic.
I hope for your/our sake that it's not autobiographical, or you'll have deterred the rest of us from ever daring to approach a publisher.
Well done.
Fantastic! I feel just as if I were there and this 'would' make a great movie. The MC is enveloped by God's love and care. Though stressed to the limit she is confident in His presence and help.

Wing His Words
This is masterfully written with a message that speaks to me. Sometimes it's hard to remember when we get panic stricken that there is no need for fear, when our Lord and Savior is with us.

I love your writing and the clear, concise descriptions you choose.
"It's a story about love..." is a brilliant ending to what God has written through you.

God always shines through in your writing, and shows the reader what He is all about.

Unique and excellent.
Great job! I felt like I was right there. I especially liked the part about, "dread and regret that might accompany accidental public flatulation." When I was about 7 years old my mother bought me a t-shirt with a skunk on it that said, "I'm a little stinker." I'm 64 now, and can still fluff with the best of them.
What a delightful read for a rainy Monday! I loved the suspense; my empathy muscles got a real work-out with this one. I easily pictured myself in the position of your MC, and so hoped she'd be able to get it together. Thanks for a story we can all relate to in some fashin or other. Nice job.
This piece was so entertaining to read. I could identify with the main character right off the bat. I believe this writing would have been a sure winner in a different category. You truly are a blessing and a gifted writer.