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Thank you for sharing this uplifting story. Sometimes the most amazing things God does are when weare simply living out our faith every day.
You set the scene of this sad little town well and brought the half dead characters to life, especially poor 'co-dependant, straggly haired Beryl, who had clearly seen better days. No many. Not recently and none on the horizon.'

This is a very credible, uplifting story, liberally sprinkled with humour and rounded off with that superb end one-liner.

Nothing in the church had changed? What about the preacher man!
That's a really powerful story, it came as no surprise that it's true. We need more true stories like this to inspire hope. And, as you showed, hope is infectious.
This hit home for me. As a child of two alcoholics I know all too well that small little town and the thoughts of the town folk and the church trying to help the kids. It would have been interesting to see how you could weave into the story what goes on behind clcosed doors in that home.

You held my attention through the whole story and I could see it all. Well done.

God Bless.

This is well written and very inspiring. You must have a book full of interesting stories from your experiences!
I echo the sentiments of everyone in here.

Well done.

God bless~
Sigh. Took me back to a little church in Burns, Oregon. We shepherded/founded a church that met in the town hall. We didn't have a Dave, but we did have a couple who sporadically came after we spent countless hours door-knocking. The husband was reluctant to the max - and then, one afternoon, he shocked us all by his realization of how he had sinned against God. His tears were baptizing us all . . .
A great, inspiring story well told. I like your style of not stating the obvious, but making the reader think (Industrial strength passive drinking -- I love it!0)
What an inspiring true story of hope. What a transformation in that town. You have told it very well indeed and I'll be surprised if this is not amongst the winners.
Wonderful inspiring tale of a Church that just grew because there were those who preferred to be a Christian than a 'no-hoper'. This story will give hope to many.
This made me think of the children's song that says "I don't want to be goat, 'cause there's no hope, nope. I just want to be a sheep, ba-baa, ba-baa." :)

As always, you have the best descriptions: 'She had clearly seen better days. Not many. Not recently. And none on the horizon.'

It must have been amazing to witness God adding to his church in a setting where there was little to hope for.
That this is true makes it all the more powerful. I lived to read each new line as more and more people found their way to real hope.

Fantastic take on the topic and I would say this one NEEDS to be winner. It is one I will not forget.

Hope is woven throughout its word count.

Thanks, Noel.
Congratulations on ranking 12th overall! Happy Dance!