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Well done!

God bless~
I'm sorry for that above comment, it actually was meant for another entry.

However, this entry was so emotionally enthralling and pulled at my heartstrings, yet if offered a myriad of powerful thoughts and reflections for all to consider.

The title was perfect and I loved the analogy of how you described his situation:
But Frank knew that he would not stay there. For nothing inside a cocoon is as beautiful as what emerges from it.
Beautifully said and the meaning resonates throughout.

Thank you for sharing this story with us.

God bless~
It is so hard when prayers are not answered in the way we want. Two ladies in our small town had cancer and we prayer for both. One's faith was so strong, and she lived. The other died. Why wasn't our faith enough?

I like the line - keeping on the move would absolve him from any ongoing pastoral care that resulted in prayers delayed or unanswered. We feel so helpless sometimes.

Very well written. Blessings, LaVonne
I read this beautiful piece to my family this Sabbath. Your agony and love for your cocooned loved one truly ministers to us. Sometimes, amidst the turmoil and heartaches of life here and now, it is far too easy to forget that our Lord is molding and shaping us unfinished children into His comforting fold. I love this, and your seriousity is so warm and fuzzy. Thank you, dear soul.
Very powerful. Although the sadness was palpable, so was the hope. I felt very uplifted by this story. Thank you for sharing it.
The cocoon is such a beautiful metaphor. I love this sentence, "For nothing inside a cocoon is as beautiful as what emerges from it." Knowing this is based on your story is inspiring and what a bonus blessing that through your ministry it offers hope to others. Excellent!
Beautifully written--showing your gift with words and your gifts as a pastor.
Congratulation Noel,
You've created quite a tribute and moving statement pertaining to faith.

God bless~
I'm so glad to see this entry with an Editor's Choice stamp. Congrats!
Congratulations, Noel. This true story deals sensitively with prayer, healing and death, issues that we all encounter. Well done.
Absolutely one of the most beautiful treatments of death and its implications I have ever had the profound privilege to read. Wow...