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Delightful children's story with a great lesson about pride, forgiveness, and friendship. My favorite phrase: "I'll roar for you."

Just an idea...:) Maybe FaithWriters can publish a Mixed Blessings book for children? This story should be included for sure.
Loud stuff - and deaf-initely worth including in a children's book.
So Emilio thought that life was pretty much a roar deal! So glad he learned otherwise.
Great work.
This is ad delightful children's story, almost Aesop-like in its telling. I could easily see it developed into a book, as you could elaborate on each situation of Emilio's dilemma. Well done.
This is a great story, with a great message of forgiveness and second chances, as we have through Jesus. I think children would love it. It reminds me of the 'Jungle Doctor' stories I heard and read as a child, written by Paul White. I hope it rates well.
That was a fun read. I am glad you let your fantasy flow. I am sure you had a great time writing this, as the fun of it comes through.
Well done.
It was all brilliant in so many ways, but the last two lines were in a league of their own! If this came out as a book, I would happily buy it for my son. Well done!
Roaringly delightful! This is perfect for adults and children - made me think of Rudyard Kipling and his vivid imaginings . . .
Well done!

God bless~
Children's story? Well, yes it is. But it didn't occur to me it was meant just for kids till I was nearly through reading.
This should appeal to all ages... and that takes good writing to do that. Well done!
Must read it to me grandkids.

God bless~
Everything I would have said has already been said. Congratulations!