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Are you sure you weren't describing my daughter? Well written and a unique take on the topic.
Parental plans foiled again (if that's what the candy was wrapped in!) Great snapshot of family dynamics that you have described so well.
And an underlying reality is that all of us are adopted into God's family.
I have to say, having raised an exasperating last-minute daughter, I felt great empathy for you drumming your fingers on that steering wheel! How you managed to not lay on the horn is beyond me! Great stuff.
I really loved this story which rang very true. I like the way you wove a subtle message of grace, God's way not ours, into it. Great writing.
The tough lesson of learning to be happy to see God's mercy in the life of a person who we just see as one who needs to change.

Great message.
My daughter used to get up sometime between 5:30 and six a.m. and STILL couldn't get to school in time - go figure.
Parts of this made me smile, parts of this made me sad. Your writing stirred many emotions and your message warmed my heart and got me thinking. Excellent work!
I would much prefer the candy bar to the hairbrush. I was always a slowpoke - still am. I do prefer Reeses' Peanut Butter Cups!

Delicious entry/entrée?
Well done and an entertainingly delicious approach to the topic at hand.

God lbess~
Well done and an entertainingly delicious approach to the topic at hand.

God Bless~
I liked this story and you did a great job in showing the inner conflict of the mother and hinting at the inner conflict of the daughter.

My red ink is simple... more please.

Blessings, Graham.
Thanks for sharing your feelings with honesty.

God's candy bar is called Grace - undeserved favor and we are all so grateful.