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I like how you've set these two arrow-minded folks who've groan too complacent for theor own good. (I also enjoyed the arrow-gant pun.) Too may people forget that the gospel is all about change, and these folks somehow think that advising God is a spiritual gift!
A sad but accurate commentary on the kind of church that has lost its first love.
Well done.
St Groanings'! Very entertaining piece that nails the topic. I can almost hear the posh English spoken by this poor, misled couple. Once I started reading, although it made me cringe, I wanted to know what other horrible things they would say. It may be a caricature, but the fact that some churches' reality will come close, makes me sad.

Well done.
Great caricature images that you've conjured up in my mind. The dialect and and picture that you've created is just splendid. The truth behind all of it is a sad commentary on some church folk. Well done.
I really love this and do hope it rates as a winner. What a great name, 'St Groanings'! I liked the part where the "hooligans" changed Arrow-Gant to Arro-gant. Very funny, but with a sobering message as we see (or I do) a tinge of ourselves in this couple. A bit reminiscent of Adrian Plass' writing. Well done!
I like it, especially the last name of the couple.

The pride of a church who forgets that it belongs to Jesus, not the people in it.

Great job. Would be fun to watch it played out.
This is brilliant from the title to the finish. Excellent work! I loved it.
Well done Kat. As always your playing around with words is very admirable and I appreciate it much. It was a great read and very original.
You usually come up with very creative entries.
A hearty dish of tosh and twaddle! And a heartbreaking tale of those with Pharisee mindsets. Excellent piece . . .
I echo everyone's sentiments. What can I say except, "I'll see you in the winner's circle" again.

Well done.

God bless~
A brilliant skit from someone who definitely understands the difference between Religion and Relationship.
Well done.
See? I told you didn't I?


God bless~

Wing His Words
Congratulations! Happy Dance!
A marvelous cautionary tale to remind us of what our churches must never become. Congratulations!