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What an excellent and orginal way of presenting the topic at hand! I loved reading this, plus I was such a fan of LHOTP, great show.

I loved how you sought to find a reason for her pompous and out of control behavior...well done!

God bless~
I still love that series, so your entry gripped me from the start. You did a great job at screen writing. The scene gives us pause, since most of us can think of a pompous prune in past or current years. As my father always said, "There's probably a reason the person behaves like that;don't judge." Nice job on this entry.
Interesting approach.

Why was she a pompous "prune". Was she a bit shriveled and not so sweet? I'm not familiar with the series in question.

Difficult to narrate rather than explain what your trying to do when there's only a 750 word limit, I guess.
You've brought all those characters back to life so very well, though it seems that your introductory cameraman(?) character is lost in the rest of your story.
I loved reading this - as I loved watching Harriet in Little House on the Prairie. I never saw the episode of Harriet and the broken engagement - that would have been interesting...
I really enjoyed this original and absorbing take on the topic. I didn't realise it was LHOTP and am itching to watch the series now. Your characterisation was great. Teehee - I anticipated the actress saying how she couldn't relate to the character, then having dialogue that shows she was similar to the role she played! But that could be slander if it's a real person...! Great piece :)