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You have woven a scriptural truth into your story and brought it to a satisfying ending. Great use of the topic.
I must admit, I struggled with this piece for various reasons - not because of the way it was constructed, which was excellent, but because of the feelings and memories it brought up. Your MC's feelings towards her uncle are something that other people will be able to relate to, irrespective of who hurt them or how (what it brought back for me was a different situation to your MC's).

You are right, forgiveness is the only door out. The one bit of red ink I would give is that it needs to be acknowledged that forgiveness is the beginning of the healing journey. That can just be done in one sentence. Hope that makes sense.

This is a very powerful story and I hope it does well.
Great job of making me feel Ginger's pain! Good message. Thanks for sharing!

Wing His Words
congrats on your placement. Well deserved.

I haven't been able to get to read entries for the last two weeks and only have a chance to see the "winners"
And, my friend this story really pulled at my heart on many different levels.

The anguish of the MC was palpable, the henious acts perpetrated upon the MC were reprehensible and painful to read.

You've managed to bring a tough subject to light, which many souls have faced and still facing as we speak, and brought a powerful message of Biblical proportions in the interim.

Excellent writing!

Congratulations for a worthy and well deserved win.

God bless you my friend~
Congratulations Lynn. You did a fantastic job with this piece. Great to see it get the recognition it deserves.
Powerful and totally credible. I loved the line about the man being dead but her anger being still alive.
Congratulations on your well-deserved placing.
Congratulations, Lynn, on a great entry. God bless.
Wow! What an astounding piece. You evoked myriad emotions from me. I could really feel your MC's emotions. You did a stunning job with a difficult topic.

The only red ink is miniscule. I noticed a tiny POV shift in this line: A young male minister, who had followed Ginger outside, somehow knew she was angry.
Since the story is told from Ginger's POV, she wouldn't know the man's thoughts. A way to possible show it would be to do something like this:About minister, concern etched on his face followed Ginger outside. "You seem angry."

Like I said though, it's a tiny detail. Your ending was absolutely brilliant. The ending in these short challenges are often the hardest, but you made it look easy. I'm so happy for your 2nd place EC. I actually yelped with joy when I saw your name. Happy Happy Dance!
Lynn, I've been missing in action for so many reasons, but I was led to read the winners this week. It thrilled me to see you in 2nd place in Level 4 with such a riveting story. From the first sentence to the grand finale, I was hooked. You captured the emotions and feelings of the MC with superb skill, and the title and final sentence was a masterful choice. This was indeed a winner. Congratulations!
Oops, my grammar is showing.:-)

"...and the title and final sentence were masterful choices."

Congratulation! I'm not surprised you got 2nd place on this one. God bless! LaVonne